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Food Safety: What to Consider as an Exporter

August 16, 2011

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The ATS invited the Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR) to continue the increasingly important conversation regarding food safety. In their first blog post GFSR explained why food safety has become such an immediate issue for the agri-food industry. Now GFSR President and Founder, Tina Brillinger, highlights why food safety should be a priority for Canadian exporters and how the GFSR can assist Canadian companies in adopting safe food practices.

We live in a globalized world. Regardless of whether or not you physically travel, the products you consume likely have. And, as with any globalized industry, the food industry is confronted with the benefits – and pitfalls – that are associated with the international trade of goods and materials.

The key challenge is complexity. Global supply chains are more complex and inherently riskier, simply for that fact.

Controlling the products that cross our borders and arrive at our processing facilities is of paramount importance. But unless you're Superman, it's impossible to monitor every single food product. That's why we have systems and regulations in place; we attempt to minimize risk by targeting resources and creating an environment where risks will be prevented and controlled, before they affect the food supply.

A good example is the role of certification to global food safety standards (such as those that are 'benchmarked' and recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative), and federal import regulations.

Protecting your business as an exporter means you have to be savvy to the various requirements and regulations. Perhaps this is easier said than done? Even experienced food safety pros and industry have often stated, "It's like looking for a needle in a hay stack."

So how can we navigate through the maze?

Enter the Global Food Safety Resource Centre. This is an online resource, with free membership open to anyone who has access to an internet connection.

It's a resource built to support the food industry to develop safe food practices or adopt certification standards. It works in two main ways:

  • Information about topics that range from science and technology, to regulatory updates, to traceability, to supply chain management and beyond. If there's a pressing issue facing the industry, GFSR wants to provide the answers it needs. All of this information is communicated using various multi-media formats, including videos, articles, whitepapers and blogs.
  • The Global Food Safety Network: Food Safety Specialists and Service Providers can upload their profiles onto the searchable network to help industry find them. After selecting specific filters (such as geographical region, the specific standard such as BRC or SQF, language, specialization, etc.), members can search for and find the people they need quickly, efficiently and with assurance of quality. All specialists and service providers on the network have their credentials verified through GFSR's 3rd Party Quality Assurance Program.

With a growing membership coming from more than 53 countries, combined with new qualified Food Safety Specialists populating the Global Food Safety Network from around the world – this validates the fact that food safety is critical to all of us.  Every culture and every country around the globe is concerned about the safety of our food supply!

Sign up for your Free Membership or view the registration overview to STAND OUT AMONG THE CROWD by highlighting your experience to those who need your expertise.

Best regards,

Tina Brillinger
President & Founder
Global Food Safety Resource Centre Inc.
Toronto, Canada
Toll Free : 1-888-437-7395 extension 105
Office: (905) 235-3264


Annette // 19-Aug-11
"Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting."

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